Green Roofing

What is green roofing?

From a cultivated roof garden to a subtle, energy saving construction that has huge benefits for both you and the community, green roofing can have a huge positive impact.

Green spaces in urban places: call 0800 294 3696 to find out more about green roofing.

An environmental investment that benefits you, too

Whilst green roofs are best suited to commercial properties, they can work just as well for homes, particularly if 
you are a budding gardener with limits to space.

From improving air quality to creating your own pocket of nature in an urban landscape, your B&D green roofing specialist can talk you though the best option for your budget and requirements. What do you need?
Shallow and light-weight, this design has all the good things about green roofing but keeps your costs right down.

The complete roof garden – ideal for new builds with restricted surrounding space, and as versatile as you like.

Explore all the possibilities of eco homes with the ultimate green roof for attracting wildlife, made with recycled materials.
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