Biodiverse Green Roofs

Eco friendly roofing

While traditional roofing can be a great way to enhance a home or commercial property, there’s a lot to be said about a roof that encourages biodiversity and supports wildlife.
Biodiverse green roof
Computer generated house image with a green background

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Create a personal sanctuary for both you and the local wildlife

Biodiverse roofs share many similarities with intensive and extensive green roofs but are designed with wild
nature in mind.

We only use materials that are the most beneficial to encouraging this. We understand your need to have 
minimal negative impact on your local environment. That’s why one of our green roof advisors will help you 
choose the plants and natural resources that are best for both you and your local environment.

Whether you’re looking for a biodiverse roof to exclusively support the local wildlife or one which you too can 
enjoy, B&D Roofing and Building can help.

We are strongly committed to using recycled materials where at all possible in all our green roof installations. By transforming your property into a green home, you’re helping the environment every step of the way.
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