Intensive Green Roofs

Go further with your green roof project

Intensive green roof installations are an investment with a difference. Create a fulfilling green roof space that benefits both you and your local environment.

Floral roof garden and benches
A couple planting on their roof

Embrace your greener side with a roof garden from B & D Roofing.
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Why opt for intensive green roofing?

Intensive green roofing does more than just look good. It allows you to effectively and naturally control the 
effects of heavy rainfall, improve your home’s insulation and even help to lower urban air temperatures.

Whether you want to completely or partially cover your roofing with a quality intensive green roof, B & D Roofing 
and Building is on hand to guide you towards the perfect installation for you, your home and your local 

Why not take your green roofing plans even further and opt for one of our biodiverse roofs?
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