Lead Work

The art of lead work

Heritage building in need of restoration? Thinking of introducing lead as a way of increasing your property’s lifespan? From durability to decoration, this material has versatility built in.
Lead tiling
Roofwroekr in sillhouette

For quality that lasts, ask us about lead work for your building.
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Waterproofing is just the start

Choosing the right company for the restoration of your building, whether it be listed or just in need of some 
quality TLC, is vital in getting the result you need and a finish that will last.

This comes as standard with B&D Roofing. Our lead workers are highly skilled and have many years of onsite experience. We only use sheet lead that is manufactured to BS EN 12588 standards, and sourcing recycled lead means your building keeps its authenticity and helps the bigger picture.

What are the advantages of lead?

  • Extremely versatile
  • Appropriate for both heritage and new build properties
  • Combines effectively with other materials
  • Can increase the life of your property, (lead typically lasts in excess of 100 years)
  • Can reduce risk of water damage and be aesthetically pleasing
  • Is 100% Recyclable, (almost all the lead in use in Britain today is recycled)
So for everything from lead flashings and protective sheeting to lead dormers and decorative bays, always be assured that B&D Roofing and Building will have the best system for you.
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