Extensive Green Roofs

Extensive green roofs

If you’re looking to add a spot of green to your home or commercial building but don’t have the space, why not consider one of our extensive green roofs? They’re not only environmentally friendly, they look fantastic too.

Low maintenance green roofs – great for you, and the environment – call
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Be eco friendly from the top down

If you’re looking for a cost effective low maintenance green roof solution that will greatly enhance the look of 
your property, then an extensive sedum blanket system is the ideal choice for you.

Extensive green roof systems are constructed using a low maintenance sedum planting (succulents) grown on a ‘blanket’ that are installed by rolling out on top of the roof like turf that provides excellent cover together with increased protection to the waterproofing system, it is an exceptionally lightweight solution making it ideal for retrofitting or refurbishment projects.

The vegetation blanket delivers instant greening of a roof with sedums and other species that are able to flourish 
in our climate and provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance to non trafficked roofs.
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