Flat Roofing

Flat roof?

A flat roof generally costs less than the pitched alternative, but that is just where it starts. From design to installation and comprehensive aftercare, get the best for your property.
Single ply and felt flat roofing

Call 0800 294 3696 to find out how a flat roof could be the ideal solution for your development.

From waterproofing to extra space

Flat roof waterproofing systems maximise the usable space on your property, and not only by eliminating void spaces. A flat roof-space can be:
  • used as an extension to your living area
  • converted into a living roof or green roof
  • provide the perfect out-of-sight location for solar panels and PV systems
With generations of experience managing flat roofing projects, we’ll get the most out of your roof. Keeping a 
close eye on advances in technologies, materials and techniques means we only use the ones that work.

If you are unsure of the type of roofing solution you need for your development, speak to us and we will help you 
to make the right choice.

Built-up felt roofing

Felt roofing provides the perfect roofing solution for smaller flat roofed buildings and extensions, economical 
and durable it can be used with or without insulation and can be provided in a variety of finishes to suit your 

Single-ply membranes

Suitable for larger flat roofs these types of covering can help to ensure the durability and weather-resistance you need, with various application methods and a choice of colours they offer flexibility in design and can be very 

Liquid coatings

Excellent for refurbishment, liquid coatings provide a seamless roof coating that can be applied to almost any existing roofing material. These coatings are particularly useful where other repair/refurbishment methods have failed or are impractical. Liquid coatings can also provide a hard wearing and decorative surface for balconies 
and terraces.

Most of the materials we use to construct our flat roofs are recycled or fully recyclable. This includes our single 
ply membranes and Renofil PVC where recycled materials are used in the manufacturing process.
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